Microsoft’s Million Dollar Mistake

Titanfall is launching in less than a month, and there is no doubt that it is 2014’s more anticipated FPS.  One could even argue that it is this year’s MOST anticipated game.  Microsoft has spent a lot of money, making sure it will only be on their consoles. Which makes you wonder why consoles? Why not console?  Why is Titanfall not being released on just the Xbox One?

Its a known fact that it takes years for a company to make any money on the sale of just the console alone. The Xbox 360 has been around long enough for Microsoft to make money off of it.  The Xbox One is new and Microsoft needs to sell a lot of them, to sell a lot of games, to make money.  If Titanfall is half as popular as it seems already, it will sell in the millions.  However, it won’t sell millions of Xbox One.

Those who already own an Xbox One will buy it for the Xbox One.  Those who already own an Xbox 360 will buy it for the Xbox 360.  That leaves gamers without either console with a decision to make, do you get Titanfall and an Xbox One or Xbox 360?

Why you should buy an Xbox One and Titanfall.

 If you buy an Xbox One and Titanfall, you will be ready for the next generation of video games.  No need to buy another console anytime soon.  Your new console will last you at least 6 years. You also get the new Xbox controller with rumble triggers, and a few other advancements.  Other than the controller you should the other upgrades that the Xbox One comes with, but you want just the game it really isn’t enough.  It’ll be interesting to see how they implement Smartglass into the game, which may give the Xbox One, one more advantage.

Now, why you should buy an Xbox 360 and Titanfall.

This argument will also incorporate, why you don’t need to upgrade from your current Xbox 360 to Xbox One just for Titanfall.  There hasn’t been a lot of gameplay shown for the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall.  Obviously, they want to showcase the next generation of the game, but could there be more behind the reason?  Titanfall runs on the Source Engine, developed by Valve and first released in a game 10 years ago.  The Engine that Titanfall runs on is older than the Xbox 360. Chances are the game doesn’t look any better on the Xbox One. So, if it doesn’t look any better, why spend the extra money?  Going by retail prices, you can get an Xbox 360 and Titanfall for about $250.00.  If you were to go on eBay and get an Xbox 360 and Titanfall (when its released), for about $150.00.  Now, if you were to get an Xbox One and Titanfall, you are going to spend about $550.00.  That’s an extra $300-$400 more, for a game that will probably look and play about the same.

Why I’m scratching my head.

Microsoft is spending millions of dollars on just promoting Titanfall and the Xbox One, but to make sure it stays an Xbox exclusive title.  If you are going to spend all this money, don’t you want to make it so people buy your new console.  You’ll be setting up players to buy future exclusive games on the console.  Halo 5 is just around the corner, the next Gears of War, Crackdown (you know its coming), and maybe a game that revives Rare.  Titanfall is Microsoft’s chance to steal gamers who haven’t made the jump to next gen yet, to buy a Xbox One and not a Playstation 4.  Sony has a strong lineup of next gen. exclusives coming out soon. Microsoft should never release Titanfall on the Xbox 360, and secure more next gen. gamers while they can.  And, yes I ignored the PC version, because its a non-factor when it comes to upgrading systems.


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  1. Think they should have only released on Xbox one first ,then on 360 a year later. PC release a year later on Origin & W8.1 . While making plans to buy both Respwan and IP.

    • One year is way too long to wait for a game on last gen. They’re better off not release it at all. One week is too short though. Maybe a month, just call it patch work or something that caused the delay.

  2. The PC isn’t a non-factor when it comes to buying consoles – if someone’s already got a PS3 or PS4, and a PC, then there’s no need to get either Xbox for Titanfall. Were I interested in the game, my answer to the question:

    “That leaves gamers without either console with a decision to make, do you get Titanfall and an Xbox One or Xbox 360?”

    Would be to play it on PC ;).

    • The biggest problem with PC’s and online FPS is hacking. I know very little about software, but I know enough to hack a shooter on PC. To me this makes the game no fun, and I’m assuming I’m not the only one. Besides its easier for most people to just run to BestBuy and pick up a console and game to play.

  3. Well it would cost more money for Microsoft to secure exclusively. I’m pretty sure Microsoft thought that the game would be much more definitive on the X1 as compared to the 360, and that alone would have made the 360 irrelevant anyway. You certainly can tell the difference but Titanfall isn’t a technical showcase to begin with. They were hoping this would be a “Gears of War” trump card.

  4. It’s seems logical to me, Titanfall won’t generate enough sales as an Xbox One exclusive. 90% of gamers don’t own a next-gen console, and PS4 has been outselling Xbox One nearly 2 to 1 so the percentage of gamers that would even have the option of playing this game would be minuscule. Microsoft wants a successful launch after the millions they spent advertising, buying exclusive rights, etc. and the studio wants their AAA game that they spent millions to develop in the hands of as many gamers as possible (reasons are obvious). It’d be different if the studio were owned by The console maker, like most of the upcoming PS4 exclusives. How many consoles would this game sell as an Xbox One exclusive versus How many customers/sales will Microsoft and the studio lose by keeping this game exclusive to Xbox One? That is the question you should be asking yourself

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